Minimum investment: $1,000,000 mxp

Additional investment: $ 500,000 mxp

Yield Objective: Up to 24% annually, TIIE plus 12%

Advance of Earnings: Advance on the target return starting in the twelfth month, at a rate of 10% annually.

Additional benefit: Starting in the third year, investors will have the option to acquire an apartment with a preferential discount of 7.0% on the current psta price, according to the business plan and its phases. This offer has limited quotas per sales phase.

Investment period: 3 years

Guarantee: Fiduciary

Entry fee: No cost


Strategic location in the Riviera Maya: Xcalacoco is located in Playa del Carmen, an epicenter of growth and development in the Riviera Maya. This region has experienced constant evolution, with an annual tourism growth rate that exceeds the national average. Being just 40 minutes from the Cancun International Airport provides an unmatched logistical advantage, facilitating the mobility of tourists and potential residents.

Exclusive investment opportunity: With Premcore Capital at the helm, Xcalacoco opens its doors to private investors, allowing them to access returns traditionally exclusive to institutional investors. With investments from 1 million pesos, it is possible to participate in returns greater than 25%, figures that exceed the standard market.

Robust fiduciary structure: Project management is carried out under a fiduciary model, providing greater transparency and security in the administration of assets. This scheme ensures that the investor's interests are protected, allowing efficient and specialized management that seeks maximum profitability.

Growth potential: The global trend of "remote working", added to the attractive cost of living in Playa del Carmen compared to North America and Europe, has caused a notable increase in foreign residents. These factors, combined with tourism growth, predict high demand for properties in the area, potentially increasing the appreciation of investments.

Attractive profitability: Xcalacoco's financial projections are encouraging. An Internal Rate of Return (IRR) before taxes of up to 25.36% is estimated, a reflection of the potential return on the initial investment. Furthermore, in terms of Multiplier of Invested Capital (MOIC), a value of 1.88x before taxes is expected, suggesting almost double the invested capital.

Premium Development: Xcalacoco stands out in the premium segment of Playa del Carmen, offering spacious homes at competitive prices per m2, lower than other premium areas in the region. This represents an opportunity to acquire high-end properties at affordable prices

About Xcalacoco

The Xcalacoco Project represents a strategic investment in the heart of Playa del Carmen. In its first stage, this development is made up of three towers that will house a total of 180 apartments, designed with standards of luxury and comfort. Its location, a few steps from Xcalacoco beach, gives it added value, complemented by high-caliber amenities and exclusive access to a beach club.

In terms of sustainability and innovation, Xcalacoco stands out for its adoption of advanced technologies. The project integrates a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant, photovoltaic solar cells for cleaner energy and an intelligent energy management system that optimizes consumption. Additionally, with a focus on community impact, initiatives are being carried out for street development and the promotion of sustainable mobility. All this, while seeking to obtain prestigious environmental certifications such as LEED, EDGE and WELL.

Xcalacoco is not just a real estate development, it is a life proposal that combines luxury, nature and sustainability in one place.



Xcalacoco, enriched by its location on Av. Xcalacoco, is located near strategic points such as the CORASOL Golf Course and the Viscaya de las Américas University. Just 10 km north of Playa del Carmen, this region stands out for its pristine beaches and its proximity to key destinations such as Cancun and Tulum. In addition, it provides convenient access to the Cancun International Airport, facilitating the arrival of tourists and residents. Not only notable for its natural beauty, Xcalacoco is also close to emblematic places, such as Playa del Carmen's Fifth Avenue and the historic ruins of Tulum. For those seeking ecological adventures, the area offers biodiversity with mangroves, jungles and reefs, in addition to proximity to theme parks such as Xcaret and Xel-Há. As an added value, the development will have a Private Beach Club, offering residents a direct connection to the captivating Caribbean Sea. In essence, Xcalacoco combines the tranquility of the Mexican Caribbean with the vibrant life and tourist activities of the region, making it an unparalleled investment and residence point.

Oportunidad en Playa del Carmen


Mexico stands out in the global arena with a population of 128 million and economic growth of 3.7% in 2023. These figures, in combination with the “nearshoring” trend in the US, position the country as a strategic destination to invest. Playa del Carmen, the second most populated city in Quintana Roo, is located near the fourth most important airport in Latin America and maintains a hotel occupancy of 85%. This city is more than a tourist destination; The global trend of "remote working", added to the privileged but economical standard of living, especially compared to European or American salaries, together with a high percentage of foreign residents, makes it one of the most attractive "life-changing" destinations in the world. American continent.

Federal investments, such as the Maya Train and the Tulum airport, add value to the region, while the robustness of Mexico's luxury real estate market, which is characterized by being primarily liquid, ensures stability during challenging economic periods. Within the real estate panorama of Playa del Carmen, the average sale price in the Central Zone is US$4,500 per m2 for homes of 52 m2. In contrast, Xcalacoco presents average prices of US$3,330 per m2 for larger spaces of 82 m2. The Xcalacoco project, with an even more competitive price of US$3,083 per m2 for 85 m2 units, offers not only attractive prices, but also high-end amenities and an exclusive beach club that enhance its appeal to investors and residents. The proximity to established areas such as Grand Coral and Mayakoba supports the potential of Xcalacoco as a strategic real estate investment.

Xcalacoco is not just a real estate development, it is a life proposal that combines luxury, nature and sustainability in one place.

estudio de mercado

Architectural Project

Taking advantage of the essence of modular architecture, XCALACOCO is based on a 4m x 4m modulation. This technique not only makes construction processes more efficient, but also guarantees that each unit benefits from well-distributed spaces and regularity in the design. Using subtraction and obstruction techniques, three apartment prototypes have been created, all with terraces to enjoy the impressive views.


The Apartment type A, with 85 m2, offers two spacious bedrooms, ideal for small families or individuals who want additional space. Its design allows optimal entry of natural light, with separate living and dining areas and a service area that includes laundry. Modern, customizable finishes ensure a durable and fashionable home.

The Apartment type B, measuring 67 m2, is perfect for singles or couples. It has a bright master bedroom, a cozy living room with windows, and a separate dining room. Like type A, it offers a service area and the possibility of customizing the decoration with high-quality finishes.

Finally, Apartment type C, with 105 m2, is the largest, designed for those seeking luxury and space. With three bedrooms, one of them master with its own bathroom, this apartment is ideal for families or those who want additional rooms. Its terrace stands out with panoramic views and, as in the previous ones, the possibility of customization and modern finishes.


Amenities and Beach Club

Our complex in Playa del Carmen prioritizes the well-being and comfort of its residents through a series of high-end amenities. Private and communal pools, along with jacuzzis and spas, provide ideal spaces for relaxation and enjoyment of the tropical surroundings. The gyms are equipped with modern technology, guaranteeing adequate space for personal training.

For entertainment, we have communal movie theaters, entertainment rooms and play areas that promote interaction and coexistence between residents. Additionally, specific areas have been established for outdoor barbecues and grills, ideal for social gatherings. Direct access to the beach club reinforces the connection with the Caribbean Sea, an essential element in the life of Playa del Carmen.

Residents also benefit from practical services such as cleaning, laundry and ironing. Children's play areas, along with activities designed specifically for them, ensure that families find everything they need within the complex. Dining options include private restaurants and bars, while bathroom facilities prioritize luxury with whirlpool tubs and rain showers.

For those who work from home or require meeting spaces, conference rooms and work spaces are available. Adults also have play areas, such as pool and poker tables. Additional facilities include pet care areas, storage spaces and utility rooms. In addition, the complex is equipped with renewable energy systems and security measures such as hurricane-proof doors and windows.

Residential Complex Beach Club

The Beach Club is one of the star amenities of our residential complex, meticulously designed to connect residents with the emblematic Caribbean Sea. The essence of the club focuses on integration with the natural context, using materials that project a neutral and natural appearance, aligned with a style reminiscent of the boho of Tulum.

The design plays with different levels, creating exclusive spaces and VIP areas, intended for those seeking a more intimate and reserved experience. The sun beds, both wet and dry, are interspersed with an impressive Infinity pool, which seems to merge with the marine horizon.

With comfort and service in mind, the club has a bar and wet bar, along with a main restaurant that offers high-quality cuisine. The towel control and service area ensures that residents always have what they need on hand. In addition, the infrastructure is completed with an efficient kitchen, service areas, warehouses, a room for systems and CCTV, and an area for lockers and employees. The experience is rounded off with convenient valet parking and parking, ensuring a hassle-free visit to the club.


Aristea Desarrollos

Aristea Desarrollos: Innovation and Real Estate Experience

Aristea Desarrollos distinguishes itself in the real estate scene by offering comprehensive end-to-end services in the project development cycle. The strength of the firm lies in the vast experience accumulated by its management team and its collaborators, who are experts in each phase and specialty necessary to carry out a successful real estate project.

Centro Comercial Bugambilias

Our focus is on increasing the value of the real estate assets of those who trust us, through sharp business vision, an interdisciplinary approach and rigorous control of every detail.

We offer a range of services that range from the identification of development opportunities, through construction supervision, to the marketing of the final product and the administrative closure of the project. All this under three essential pillars that we handle with mastery:

  • Comprehensive Real Estate Development.
  • Construction Management and Supervision.
  • Effective Marketing of the Final Product.

With an outstanding track record in the sale of residential developments, shopping centers, office spaces and industrial parks, Aristea Desarrollos has demonstrated its ability to comprehensively lead and manage the commercial process. This is reflected in the meticulous definition of the projects and in the products we develop.

Some figures of our impact:
  • More than 1,500 homes built.
  • Exceeding 230,000 profitable m2 built.
  • With more than 10 distribution centers and production plants to our credit.
We highlight some of our emblematic developments:
  • Rinconada Coacalco, Edo. of Mexico - 360 homes (1985)
  • Residential Santa Mónica, Aguascalientes - 180 homes (1994)
  • Residencial Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX - 9 apartments (2010)
  • Hacienda San Martin, Ocoyoacac, Edo. from Mexico - 360 houses (2013)
  • Miraltus Residential, Álvaro Obregón, CDMX - 542 apartments (2020)
  • Plaza Bugambilias, Cuernavaca, Morelos - 25,938 profitable m2 (2015)
  • Plaza Tlatelolco, CDMX - 9,258 profitable m2 (2018)
  • Galerías Aguascalientes - 43,791 profitable m2 (1998)
  • And many more who set the standard in the real estate sector.
With Aristea Desarrollos, real estate projects become benchmarks of quality, innovation and profitability.


The investment structure is based on a fiduciary model, where the assets will be protected and managed under a trust. In this scheme, the investor is not only a participant, but assumes the essential role of trustee, which guarantees greater transparency in the administration of assets, provides legal and financial security, and allows efficient and specialized management. This structure ensures that the investor's interests are always protected and aligned with the success of the project.

Minimum investment: $1,000,000 mxp

Additional investment: $500,000 mxp

Performance Objective: Up to 24% annually, (TIIE plus 12%)

Profit Advance: Advance on the target return starting in the twelfth month, at a rate of 10% annually.

Additional benefit: Starting in the third year, investors will have the option to purchase an apartment with a preferential discount of 7% on the current list price, according to the business plan and its phases. This offer has limited quotas per sales phase.

Investment period: 3 years


Indicadores de rentabilidad del inversionista

Estimated IRR before taxes:25.36%
MOIC before taxes:1.88x
Estimated Payback by Investor:3 years

The project proposes an attractive profitability for our investors. A pre-tax Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is estimated at 25.36%, reflecting a substantial return on the initial investment. In terms of Multiplier of Invested Capital (MOIC), a value of 1.88x before taxes is projected, suggesting a near doubling of invested capital.

The following tables show an example of the estimated contributions and distributions for investors entering November 2023.

Contribution Nov 2023$15,000,000
Return advance Oct 2024$1,500,000
Income advance Oct 2025$1,500,000
Return of Capital + Additional Distributions$25,253,626

Investment process

Sign Agreement

The first thing will be to fill out and sign the Agreement with the Client where the Client provides their Information and signs in accordance with the terms and conditions, as well as with 'Mexico privacy notice.

Sign Contract

With the Information provided in the Agreement with the Client, the Adhesion Contract to the Xcalacoco Project Trust will be prepared and signed.

Make Transfer

Once the trust adhesion contract has been signed, the corresponding transfer must be made to the Xcalacoco trust account itself, and proof must be sent to be able to credit the funds in your name.


The Client will have access to the Project website where they can promptly monitor the progress of the project, as well as the valuations and reports of Quantit and Premcore Capital.


Reasons to invest in Xcalacoco

PROVEN EXPERIENCE The project is supported by a team of specialists with vast experience in the real estate sector. His career spans from permit management to construction and marketing, guaranteeing the excellence and correct completion of the "Xcalacoco" project.
PRIME LOCATION The "Xcalacoco" project is located in a strategic location, promising high demand and appreciation in the real estate market.
ATTRACTIVE RETURNS Investors have the prospect of obtaining returns of up to 24% annually, positioning it as one of the most profitable investments on the market.
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS As an investor, you have the privilege of obtaining an additional discount of up to 7% when purchasing a unit of the project. It is an exclusive advantage that further enhances the investment.
SAFE INVESTMENT Through a trust structure, investors have their investment guaranteed by the land and assets of the trust. This structure provides an additional layer of financial security.
TRANSPARENCY AND SURVEILLANCE With clear reporting, communication and decision-making mechanisms, investors will be informed about the progress and performance of the project on a monthly basis.


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