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Premcore Capital: Trust and Experience Guaranteed

Premcore Capital is comprised of a team of investment, finance and operations experts whose expertise lies in identifying, analyzing and supporting investments with specialized opportunities. We provide our investors with real estate investment opportunities that are typically only available to institutional investors.

We uniquely focus on real estate developments in geographic areas with notable growth in the wealthy population. Our investments range from residential developments to hotels and businesses.

Our external analysts and appraisers guarantee total transparency and objectivity in the information that supports our investment decisions.

Equipment is essential; We do not invest in equipment that raises doubts, because, although an investment has exceptional potential, it is the people who realize it.

Our multidisciplinary team follows each investment from inception to completion, collaborating closely with the operational team of owners, architects, developers and builders. This strategy guarantees more objectivity and a practical working relationship to carry out each project successfully.

All of our investments offer potential returns that far exceed the market average and are structured to minimize investor risk.

Our investment philosophy guides the way we invest. We firmly believe it is essential to providing our investors with consistently strong returns.

  • Clear investment objectives:
    Each of our investments must fit the criteria we establish, without exceptions.

  • A passionate and focused team:
    We must trust the operational team to invest in their project.

  • Diversified portfolio:
    Despite trusting each of our investments individually, we spread the risk.

  • Detailed cost and time management:
    A practical management approach. We ensure focus and rigor.

  • Discipline in management:
    We take a structured and transparent approach.

History and mission

Founded by experts in investment, finance and consulting, Premcore Capital was born with the vision of transforming the Mexican real estate sector. Our mission is to provide unique investment opportunities, backed by a multidisciplinary team and a rigorous investment philosophy:

“Transforming investment in the real estate sector”

residential with sea view

We create unique investment opportunities

We offer real estate investment opportunities for the private investor normally reserved for institutional investors, from one million pesos.

Geographic Areas of Interest

We focus on tourist destinations in the Mexican southeast, areas with notable growth and real estate potential.

Types of Developments

Our portfolio includes residential developments, hotels and shops.

How to Participate

If you are interested in learning more about our investment opportunities, Contact us and a Premcore executive will contact you.

Transparency and Objectivity


Transparency Guarantee

"At Premcore Capital, transparency is essential. We have external analysts and appraisers who guarantee objectivity in the information that supports our investment decisions."

The Premcore team


Ricardo Celis

Director - Project Acquisitions & Investments

With a solid career of more than 14 years in the financial sector, Mr. Celis has consolidated his experience working in prominent Financial Institutions, among which are GE Capital Bank, Ixe Casa de Bolsa and Actinver Banca Privada . His deep knowledge of the financial world and his ability to identify investment opportunities led him to found ITC Capital, where today he manages investment portfolios, structured credit and offers specialized investment banking services.

Mr. Celis has a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Valle de México. His commitment to excellence and continuous training has led him to obtain certifications from the AMIB in investment strategies and international arbitration. Additionally, he has deepened his knowledge in financial modeling and investment portfolio management through a specialized certification granted by the New York School of Finance.

His key role in the fund will be to identify and attract high-return projects to invest in, thus ensuring the fund's sustained growth and profitability.


Juan Zabal

Strategic Investment Director

Juan Zabal has more than 25 years in financial and strategic management, backed by a solid training in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree in Finance. His career spans more than 5 years in the banking sector, where he played key roles in asset management and financial analysis.

One of his most notable experiences includes a prominent role at Microsoft, in which he led teams and projects that set trends in the financial and technological world. In the real estate sector, he has demonstrated a unique tact for acquiring and managing assets, making use of his vast financial knowledge and analytical skills.

In his current position, Juan is a key player in defining investment strategies for the fund. He actively manages the capital structure, ensuring long-term returns from real estate projects. Additionally, he is an active member of the investment committee, where his experience in the banking sector and his background in finance provide an invaluable perspective.

Prior to this role, Juan has been a pillar in different leading global companies, being recognized for his ability to drive change and generate value through innovation and strategy.


James Garrity

Managing Director - Sales & Investor Acquisition

With more than 25 years of experience in the investment industry, Mr. Garrity has distinguished himself by successfully leading the growth and expansion of the Latin American and Caribbean region at the Oxford Group for 23 years. His specialty lies in providing independent and personalized financial advice, focused on developing robust financial plans for visionary individuals.

Under his leadership, the Oxford Group has established an impressive presence in 11 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, working jointly with some of the most prominent investment groups in the world. Mr. Garrity is firmly committed to an aggressive expansion program, with the goal of bringing his knowledge and experience to more individuals seeking solid financial security.

Within his academic training, Mr. Garrity has a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree with honors in Economics, as well as a Certification in Education. In 2021, he strengthened his management skills with a certificate in Essentials of Management from Harvard Business School Online. He founded and has led Oxford International – Financial & Investment Advisers since 1997, where he currently serves as CEO.


Mark Goodenough

Director of Investment Operations and Asset Manager

With more than 30 years of experience in the international arena, Mark Goodenough has established himself as a benchmark in operations management consulting. His strong academic background in international business management, coupled with his experience at renowned consulting firms, allowed him to develop a personalized approach to consulting and eventually found his own firm.

Throughout his extensive career, Mark has worked closely with leading companies in various sectors, from construction and healthcare, to oil, automotive and banking. This wide range of interactions has provided him with a panoramic view of the challenges and opportunities in different industries, strengthening his ability to devise and implement efficient strategies.

In his current role, Mark serves as Director of Investment Operations and Asset Manager. His vast knowledge and experience is channeled into working closely with investment partners, ensuring that investments not only meet, but exceed projected performance expectations. His meticulous approach and commitment to excellence make Mark an essential part of any investment and asset management team.

The collaborating specialists


Valuador experto



Since its founding in 2011, Quantit has established itself as a leading firm in Independent Valuation, Financial Consulting and Risk Management. Throughout these years, they have offered strategic solutions to a varied clientele, including Banking Institutions, Afores, Private Capital and Risk Funds, as well as Public-Private Companies and Government Institutions.

The core of Quantit is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals whose main mission is to maximize value for its clients. Thanks to their specialized approach, they have provided advice and valuations to more than 50 entities, both nationally and internationally. This team is made up of experts in essential areas such as valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and consulting, which ensures comprehensive and high-caliber solutions for its clients.

Quantit understands that, in the field of Private Equity Funds and business projects, independent valuations are vital for regulatory compliance, the adoption of best practices and informed decision making. That is why, at Quantit, we adhere to the most rigorous international standards, such as ILPA, GIPS and IPEB, ensuring that each assessment is reasonable, transparent and impartial. Its firm commitment is to provide a solid and objective basis for investors and strategic partners to make appropriate decisions.

Anguiano accountants

Expert accountants

Anguiano Contadores is a leading accounting firm that offers accounting, tax and financial solutions for companies. With a track record of more than 13 years in the Mexican market, they have advised numerous companies to guarantee optimal administrative control, thus avoiding contingencies that could affect their normal operation.

Alberto Anguiano - Lead Partner

Alberto Anguiano, graduated in Public Accounting from the Banking and Commercial School in 2010, complemented his studies with an academic exchange at Westminster University in London. In 2017, he specialized in Energy Administration at the EGADE Business School and obtained certification from the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants. More recently, he completed a Master's Degree in Banking and Finance at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and is currently pursuing an MBA at EGADE Business School.

At a professional level, Alberto has provided tax and accounting advice to companies in sectors such as hydrocarbons and electricity in Mexico. With more than 10 years of experience, he has been part of recognized firms such as PwC, KPMG, EY, Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa and Ritch Mueller, offering services in audits, tax reviews, restructurings and more.

Gustavo Reyes - Partner

Gustavo is a Public Accountant with a specialization in International Taxes obtained at the International University of La Rioja. Throughout his career, he has provided tax and accounting advice to prestigious firms such as Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa, KPMG and Ritch Mueller, serving both companies residing in Mexico and abroad. He now works as a partner in Anguiano & Reyes Contadores.